How to Get Your Digital Agency Off the Ground in Chicago

Working with a digital agency in Chicago is easy when you know what to expect and how to get the most out of your dealings with them. You can do business with an agency based on many factors – experience, reputation or just getting along in the business. However, when you meet with your digital marketing agency in Chicago, there are certain things that you can expect them to do and not do. Here are some of those tips:

digital agency chicago

A digital agency will typically get an interview with the client so they can understand what the company needs. From that point, they’ll want to know all about the client, their products and services, and their target audience. The client will describe their goals and objectives. They’ll also talk about what they hope to achieve by engaging with the market and communicating with their target audience. It’s important for the digital agency to understand what it is the client is after because not everyone wants or needs the same thing.

When they hear from the client, the agency will start to develop a plan to get that product out there. They’ll need to know how best to reach the client so they can present the best product. That means they have to have an understanding of where the client is in the process – whether they are online or offline, what their buying cycle is like, and how they access information. All of that needs to be in the plan so the agency can build the right strategy for the client. The agency should stay in contact with the client to see how they’re doing and get any new ideas or insights they can provide. Otherwise, the client might opt out of further communications.

One thing that many agencies forget to do is to follow up with clients even after they’ve met with them and discussed the prospect. Most people are on the social media world in their everyday lives, so a client who has gone off to social media heaven doesn’t automatically have an online presence. Getting in touch with them then is crucial so they remember what was discussed during the initial meeting. Remember, if you don’t follow up, the client might go off to another agency just to get your name.

It’s also good to meet with clients and discuss how you intend to use social media to get work. Many do this but forget to schedule appointments or write a follow-up letter. It’s important to get that “out here” work in order to get new clients. This can make the difference between getting those jobs and not getting them.

Another way to do that is by creating a Twitter feed for the agency. The feed should post news about jobs, clients and openings. It will give clients a chance to subscribe to the feed or get updates when new jobs get posted. This gives them an opportunity to get news about the work they may be interested in. It also gives them a chance to connect directly with you.

It’s also important for you to use social media in order to get clients to follow you. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have great user bases. These sites are generally free for clients to use. If you have a blog or website of your own, post these on these sites as well.

One of the biggest goals of any digital agency is to get new clients. You need to establish relationships with people through social media in order to get them to want to work with you. Chicago has a lot of social media sites. There are even pages for people in other cities! Just do a quick search in Google and see what you come up with. Use these sites as a means to bring people to your digital agency and get jobs.

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